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Your eyes are in need of assistance!

Mild Symptoms

Did you know that around 90% of people who spend more than 3 hours a day looking at electronic devices are likely to experience Digital Eye Strain?

Are you currently experiencing symptoms of
Digital Eye Strain or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS)

Pay attention if you are experiencing the following symptoms!
Prolonged use of computers or smartphones for work or study can lead to eye strain caused by excessive eye usage.

Serious Symptoms

In this information era
your eyes seldom get the chance to rest and take a break.

Dry eyes / Astringent eyes / Tired eyes
Long time scrolling / Watching drama
Blurry Vision
Eyestrain from studying

Maintain eye health

The antioxidant capacity is 6,000 times more potent than that of Vitamin C.

Scientific Clinical Trials l Real Users Testimonials l Proven to be the most effective nutritional formula for promoting optimum eye health

Antioxidants are also important for eye health. It protects and minimizes eye damage by combating free radicals.

【Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin】can help:

  • Improve dry eyes
  • Improve floaters
  • Protection from blue light damage
  • Enhance vision
  • Revitalise retinal function
  • Prevent eye strain
  • Prevent myopia
  • Improve astigmatism
  • Prevent / relieve glaucoma

We strongly believe that everyone deserves to have healthy eyes ,and this should not be a privilege. This belief has inspired us to develop 【Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin】.

Our formula contains premium ingredients ,aimed at addressing various eye problems ,including dry eyes, painful eyes, cataracts, and glaucoma. With just one step, we can help solve your eye problems.

We are committed to using 100% natural ingredients in our production. We understand the irreplaceable power of nature. When you consume [Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin], you will experience noticeable differences. Whether it's day or night, your vision will become clearer, and you will be more focused. Additionally, the symptoms of dry eyes will be reduced. You can enjoy these benefits with just one dose.

Top 4 Ingredients for Eye Protection | Effective with Just 2 Treatments

Main Ingredients


•Golden Berry - One of the Top Five Healthy Foods

•It contains anthocyanin, which aids in the revitalization of retinal function

•Enhances vision and helps prevent eyeball fatigue


•King of Berries, also known as the European Blueberry

•Provides protection to the microvasculature of the eyes

•Accelerates rhodopsin regeneration, leading to enhanced visual acuity


•A Must-Have Product for Phubbers - Effectively Blocks Blue Light

•The antioxidant capacity is 6,000 times more potent than that of Vitamin C.

•Effective in inhibiting eye inflammation

•Increases blood flow in retinal vessels


•The Nemesis Of Electronics Blue Light

•Protect retina

•Effective at absorbing blue light and possesses potent antioxidant properties

•Increases blood flow in retinal microvasculature

Top 6 Auxiliary Formulas

Grape Stem Cells | Glutathione | Collagen | Hyaluronic Acid | Citric Acid | Fructose

Anti-aging + Whitening

Grape Stem Cells

• Repairs skin cells

• Prevents photoaging

• Powerful antioxidants

• Whitening


• Inhibits melanin production

• Promotes the production of collagen

• Enhances sleeping quality


• 30 times stronger water retention

• Improves metabolism and accelerates wound healing

• Anti-aging and tighten skin pores

Hyaluronic Acid

• High-efficiency moisture retention, effective wrinkle reduction

• Increases skin elasticity

• The secret to maintaining eye and joint lubrication

Citric Acid

• Contains Vitamin C

• Whitening

• Accelerates keratin regeneration


• Provides energy to the body

• Liver protection

• Relieves symptoms of low blood sugar

Eye Protector 1 + 2 Functions

Main Functions

Eye protection

Enhances myopia

Anti-Aging + Whitening

Enhances myopia

Deep hydration / Increase skin elasticity

Enhances dry eyes

Spot whitening

Enhances night time vision

Reduce wrinkles / fine line

Prevents cataract


Prevents glaucoma

Prevents damage caused by free radicals

Anti blue light

Renews / repairs cells

Enhances microvascular health in the eyes

Prolongs the lifespan of the eyes

Improves astigmatism

enogy Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin has been HALAL certified by JAKIM Malaysia.

Made from 100% Premium Ingredients and
Certified by Food Safety Certification

Additive-Free l Hormone-Free l No Side Effects l Steroid-Free

Suitable for children above 12 years old, and adults

Note: For pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and individuals with chronic disease, please consult your doctor before consuming the product.

No Preservatives

Gluten Free

No Soy

Dairy Free

No Artificial Flavours

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【Mix Blueberry Powder & Astaxanthin】

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Testimonials by Amateur

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Experience bright vision and protect eye health together

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Let's redefine the concepts of health and beauty
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